Monday, November 06, 2006

After action report - Blackduck, MN lit drop

There are reports trickling in of contact in the Beltrami Co. area, in multiple locations. Elite political units struck under the cover of darkness at approximately 1200 hours in Bemidji, and 0500 hours in Blackduck, and dropped locally-targetted, highly persuasive political information (lit)pieces to receptive populations in this remote Northern Minnesota theatre.

Photo recon/intel (after action) follows in same channel:




Additional engagements in surrounding vicinty are highly likely. Irregular units of indigenous elements are being recruited and trained for more sustained engagements on larger scales...

(pseudo-mil jargon is used for the purpose of entertaining pro-mil bloggers from the MOB and GOP, and to tae the peacenik edge off his blog for the day - after all, war is just politics by extraordinary means, etc. Peter will need, and get, more than a few defections from the GOP. And the other candidate on this ad hoc doorhanger is a former Marine who went to Iraq twice in the employ of Triple Canopy...)

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