Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Campaign School

I am thinking of offering some courses on how to be an effective campaigner, with the 2008 Presidential race as a model.

I'll do a basic two day thing in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN) for $500 a head, and a elite course with field experience in Iowa and Nevada that will generate useful contacts, experience and data that you can take home and apply to organizing your own state for your real choice for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

This will cover a mix of face-to-face politicking, critical thinking about caucus and primary events, and winning the low-cost advertising fight (web and self-published / "in house" campaign literature) that both insurgent candidates and annointed candidates will have to win.

Concievably this will be useful to some web marketers and advertising professionals, etc. but I really want to teach poppulist/progressive Democrats some of these methods.

There will be more information posted here about this soon...

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