Sunday, November 26, 2006

Danish flanners, second attempt - the magic of technorati

I made a mistake when I pinged technorati with my last post: Speedbandits, topless models in Danish flanners. If you are looking for the Danish video with the topless models, click on that link and watch the video in my last post. The rest of this post will explain what I did wrong. I bother to explain it because I am trying to encourage more people who have a similar world view to blog, or for my most inspired readers to create a blog just to reward my best posts with inbound links and search engine relevance. The Danish traffic video is the interesting part of my last post, but I ramble on about peace, my plans for internext, etc.

Update: I removed the embedded video in that post, but have left the link up to the site where you can go visit to see it, I hate the fact that it played automatically and had sound. That sort of thing is okay for myspace, but its no good on a naughty politics blog...

Technorati Tags: double check them before you ping!

I go to the trouble of typing out technorati tags on my blogspot blog posts, and I want them to work. I figured creating this reminder might help others, too.

I left out the rel="tag" attribute in my tags on my latest post, and when I was proofreading my blog and testing my links, the technorati tags appeared to work - the link sent me to the right category, but I never looked at the source to make sure it was correct, or right clicked on the tag hyperlink to see that it had the correct properties... then I pinged technorati.

Technorati doesn't let you change the tags for posts that have already been indexed, apparently.

The technorati flanners tag looks like this:
<a href="" rel="tag">flanners</a>

If you leave out the rel="tag" atribute then it is a normal hyperlink to the page where Technorati has its most recent tagged posts indexed for that tag's term.

I am not going to bother to explain pinging in depth, or the value of Technorati, but I'll provide a few quick links for the curious: Technorati's f-ing ping thing and David Sifry's Alerts

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