Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flanners - Flash video players and Google video

This post entitled Customize the Embedded Google Video Player highlights a few options to configure embedded google videos, which uses a flash player.

The Google acquisition of YouTube was completed yesterday. I think that the consolidation of Google Video and YouTube under the same ownership and control is not likely to increase the quality or quantity of non-commercial video free speech on the internet, I could be surprised.

While I am typically not in a rush to track developments in proprietary technology like Adobe/Macromedia Flash, I do have enough experience with Flash, with digital video formats, with internet technology that this is something I could see working on for 2008 campaigns, or using as a medium to distribute my documentary, if that ever happens.

It would be a good thing to get back to Aceh with a decent video camera, a powerful laptop, a satellite phone, and a large bag full of cash. Truly. Whatever is really happening there now, its a great, confused and compelling story that is not being told. I think I could make it interestuing for American taxpayers and other Western audiences, and I could probably pull off a halfway decent documentary in Bahasa Indonesia, too, with a little help from my friends. Think of it as a Malay language version of Juan Cole's Americana in Arabic Library Translation but on YouTube. Or maybe more like Playboy Video + Nova (a special on SE Asia forest ecology, rubber materials science, global warming) for the moderate Islamic Audience, filmed under Shariah. I think Erica Campbell would still look hotter than hell wearing a hijab. One funny thing about Aceh is the first full phrase that too many expat 'humanitarians' learn to say is ha na peng, ha na inong. I am not sure that is the most appropriate thing to say when you are trying to break the ice during a sit-down with all of the local village heads, but some people have told me they've said that, and it gets a laugh.

In any case, my project is going to require peng. If it turns out that some busty young ting with lots of money and/or political capital wants to tag a long, and play Snowflake to my Charlie Wilson, great. Either way, I think it would be the basis for an interesting vlog.

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