Sunday, November 26, 2006

A luckless Bush enters stage set by Estonian anarchists...

President Bush, whose whole family has recently been haunted by chaotic events that include a purse snatching and a now fatal series of motorcade motorcycle crashes takes his chances in Europe with Estonian Anarchists:

An anarchist group said Monday it was planning the "biggest anarchist demonstration in the history of Estonia" to coincide with a visit to the Baltic state of US President George Bush.

The demonstration, which has been called for November 28 when Bush will stop off in Tallinn en route to a NATO summit in neighbouring Latvia, will protest Washington's "aggressive foreign policy", the website of the Red-Black anarchist group said.

True to their calling, the anarchists did not announce the time or place of their demonstration, saying: "Nobody can know where the demonstrations will be held, so that the permit to organise them will not be annulled at the last minute."

They urged their supporters to visit the website periodically and attend other gatherings for news on where and when the anti-Bush demonstration would be held.
[Politcal Gateway]

Bush will visit Estonia, then travel to a NATO conference in Latvia, before travelling on to Amman, Jordan to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki. Jordan is thought to be safer meeting grounds than Baghdad, where a 24 hour curfew has been imposed and the arport is closed (its closure resulted in Iraqi President al-Talabani delaying a planned trip to Iran):

Angry Shia residents of Baghdad's Sadr City threw stones at the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki's motorcade and shouted abuse as he walked to a ceremony of mourning yesterday for some of the 215 victims of Thursday's car bomb and mortar attacks.

The show of contempt came as the Shia leader prepared for what is likely to be a tense meeting with President George Bush in Jordan on Wednesday. Moqtada al-Sadr, a radical cleric and fellow Shia on whose support Mr Maliki relies in parliament, threatened on Friday to withdraw support if the meeting with Mr Bush went ahead. The White House said it had heard nothing to suggest Mr Maliki was not coming.

"It's all your fault," one man shouted as a hostile crowd surged around the prime minister and jeered as his armoured convoy edged away.

The prime minister is desperately trying to restore calm after the bombings and attacks on Sunnis in apparent retaliation. The government said a curfew imposed on Thursday would be lifted [The Guardian]

Bush will have friends in the region, as loyal followers (or more likely his puppetmasters) Rice and Cheney are also on the march, like freedom itself:

Now, you have to ask yourself why the President, the VP and Rice are all going to be in "the region" in the same week. Something brewing? Something about to happen? What could it be?...

...Cheney's mission to the big sandbox? Syria? Iran? Maliki? Notice on one or more of these? That is a real possibility. Desperation has set in at the White House. They feel themselves surrounded by "enemies;" Baker/Hamilton, Democrats, the MSM (when not cringing at the foot of the throne), impertinent bloggers, insurgents, militias. Who knows what might seem plausible when the "freedom agenda" is threatened. [W. Patrick Lang]

A recent e-mail hit my overstuffed inbox, mentioning that has declared December 10th Impeachment Day, which sounds like a more pragmatic step forward than the alternative favored by the mainstream media, the spectacle of the Global Orgasm for Peace on December 22nd..

Honestly, Bush's best chance for surviving the movement for impeachment would be to decriminalize drugs, unleash the vast productivity of the Afghan poppy and hashish market onto the soft minds of the American people, while simultaneously nationalizing DirecTV, all cable and internet providers, and making the SPICE channel, HD Porn and PPV sporting events free for all.

That sort of think worked in Ancient Rome, when it made its transistion from Republic to Empire.

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