Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mike Hatch loss - not late miscues as much as bad beginnings

According to the national press, that doesn't have the back ground, the interest, or the time to dig into the story and understand the whole truth of this loss, it was "late miscues" by Hatch (the Democratic candidate for Governor here in Minnesota):

Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty squeezed out a re-election victory over Attorney General Mike Hatch after some late miscues by the Democrat - for one thing, he was accused of calling a reporter "a Republican whore." {AP/

For me, it was the Hatch bosses in places like Beltrami, Cass and other parts of NW Minnesota that most motivated me to work against Hatch. Hatch himself wronged plenty of Dems years ago in Minnesota, and no doubt that made him more "electable" in the eyes of Meuers, Fiskevold, and Lori Berglund Olson but I think it prevented any of the hardcore metro DFLers from getting enthused about Hatch this cycle. I think Meuers said something to the effect of "proportional representation is a mechanism that urban DFLers use to over represent the number of young people and minorities in the party".

Two times the Beltrami Co. DFL unit was asked by the state DFL to reconvene and elect delegates to the state convention properly. Two times they refused, and Meuers said Beltrami would be "the little county that could" take on the state DFL and win.

So the IP looks pretty welcoming to those energetic, intelligent young people that the IP would run as candidates, but the DFL would channel into hard labor... I hope the video of this botched quote of Jim Moore from the party at the Hyatt last night makwes its way on to YouTube quickly... that would be a great start towards the IP building a party and recruiting better candidates than Adam Steele to run in outstate legislative races.

Anyway, the DFL needs to do some self examination about its endorsement process, and the story can't remain only about Hatch's "republican whore" or "republican hack" "miscue".

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