Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mohammed Omer - Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on CSPAN

Mohammed Omer of RafahToday.org made a compelling presentation on C-SPAN today. It is worth watching and considering... I personally dislike the fact that U.S. manufactured helicopters are firing rockets at peaceful demonstrations, but I appreciate the oppportunity to confront video documentary evidence of that fact. Mohammed Omar is embarking on a series of presentations around the U.S. so, hopefully we will have an opportunity to see him in Minnesota...

The hair flipping hottie that introduces the presentation, Jessica Wright of the Palestine Center, is spectacular as well... in a more suave and professional, business suit wearing yet still life affirming sort of way. I suppose she won't be part of the road show :( Anyway...

Please look for more information, regularly, about the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian Occupied Territories on the UN Relief Web site. There is also information there about the Lebanon and Indonesian situations as well.

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