Monday, November 27, 2006

New Erica Campbell galleries... plus less important things

While I though that I might find a way to work it into a post about better and brighter things, I am forced to admit that there is nothing better and brighter in this world than Erica Campbell nude pics, apart from Erica herself, I suppose. So here they are, the newest galleries of Erica Campbell:

Erica Campbell - fun, playing dress up with feather boa and fedora
Erica Campbell - tight golf shorts come off
Erica Campbell - Gold lame blouse and costume jewelry
Erica in a patio garden in dappled sunlight
Erica Campbell - lingerie and a large mirror

What are iPods other than 60 Gigabyte tools of espionage? Well I suppose if you had a video iPod were to join Erica Campbell site, you would have maybe only 10 or so gigabytes left for espionage. Since there is going to be new content added, you'll have to rotate stuff off onto your hard drives, etc. I actually have no idea how much content there is in the site. I just know that I owe Google money, and that I am going to have to scramble if I want to rent the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa for my stay in Vegas during Internext.

Hey, its how Achmed Chalabi spent Iraqi Freedom Act money. I think I could probably accomplish a soft kill of Iran with a video camera, a robust internet hosting solution, a billion dollars, and the love of Erica Campbell and/or Keeley Hazell. I'd even settle for Neve Campbell, her numbers look good, but I don't know if she has a following in Asia. Its nothing a little careful internet marketing can't fix.

And if you clicked on any of the links above, odds are you are due a few lashes with a rattan cane, but I won't tell anyone. I really can't just choose one world view. There is probably good money to be made, and disasters to be averted, by continuing to straddle both... I think I would rather spend a few months in Aceh or other parts of SE Asia, working on peace and sustainability (or even just writing about its prospects, if the real work can't be launched), but Internext and Erica are great consolation prizes... good appearances to make if I want to keep building my capacity to hijack and reshape Western culture. There is a fuck of a lot more money in that than any government job you might land in the CIA's new web based PR & recruiting tool being giggled about over on Wonkette. It is its own powerful anti-recruiting campaign. Everybody wants (or at least I want) to be Austin Powers + Charlie Wilson + Ahmed Chalabi, but, you know, "good"... and not Admiral Poindexter or fucking Ed Wilson. Even worse is the history of DB/Anabasis, the Iraqi Operations Group, and the falsification of intelligence for PR purposes overseen by Feith and Hadley and Cheney. Pricetag? $400 million dollars. Aftermath? Priceless...

No one should even consider joining the CIA until Bush/Cheney are impeached, even if they have a fun flash animation.

So you get caned for the first set of links you might have clicked, you get a job and/or life imprisonment for being an enemy of the state for the second batch. Sorry. I guess its a bad day to be reading ILC :)

Anyway, its Aceh, or Vegas or busty adventures of one kind or another. At least we were able to send the very Busty Amy Klobuchar to help in the Senate phase...

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