Friday, November 10, 2006

Search engine optimization - practice makes permanent

I know something about search engine optimization (or SEO for short), but I am not a master by any means. One of the best ways to find out what you know and learn from the examples of others is to enter into a timed contest, with reasonable constraints and a nearly random target.

You can help me in this, or just try to learn a few things from watching what a few people are doing. This contest is well under way, and I am late to get started because of having been focused on the election.

Anyway, this contest involves, for better or worse, porn. So don't click on any of the links below if it is going to get you in trouble, expose minors, or scandalize anyone:

The contest is being run on a great webmaster resource board, that I have been posting on for 7 or so years, as "seksi". It is called The contest is outlined in this thread, 150,000 points to win here.

My goal is to get a page that I control into the top spots in the search engine results pages for the word flanners and the phrase we love cash uncovered flanners. I am not that likely to win, but I want to know how others win, and how good I am at this compared to others. If I do win, I will be happy to have the Netpond points, which are a useful virtual currency. You can also make 5 points per post at Netpond. There are better ways to make money, but no easier way to make friends with degenerates from around the world that control a god awful lot of internet traffic, shape culture, and for the most part do not make enough money or have enough social skills to move out of their parent's basement, in Prague, Moscow, London or Chennai.

In the rare event this does actually sound like a good way to try to make money, sign up at Netpond and use me as your referral - I'll get 50 points. Also, if you are going to start flogging porn (Is that more acceptible than 'flogging Peter Hutchinson'?) be sure to sign up for the "cash uncovered" affiliate program using this link or the prominent text link on my flanners site.

Back to the SEO stuff: this is all about "links". Hypertext links, or this business (if you've ever spent time looking at the HTML source of the websites you read really very worthwhile knowing something about how the web works)- the HTML Anchor tag: <a href=""> </a> If you already understand what that is great, I'll eventually show you a few new things to do with them, and what matters in SEO.

If you are a blog reader - and not interested in either writing your own blog or ever trying to sell anything, wholesome or not, on the web, you should still consider that creating a very simple blog, and adding links to your favorite blogs or most favorite individual posts, is a powerful way of creating relevance for the search engines. Consider starting a simple free blog on or similar right now. You can delete it anytime, and as long as you don't say anything untruthful, threatening or obscene, there is no real risk.

If you want to link to my blog, and make me more relevant as the spiders of Google see the world, please throuh up some links to my blog like this (you can cut and paste into your blogging platform's editor):

<a href="">Minnesota's naughty politics blog</a>

and if you want me to win that contest, link to this as well:

<a href="">Flanners</a>

More later. Thanks!

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