Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something about Bemidji... nothing about a short road trip

There is a cafe in Bemidji that is really significant: The Wild Hare Bistro. Reportedly the website will contain the special of the day, but few, if any political diatribes...

Their monthly international meals are events that are made for networking locally and making, enjoying and renewing friendships as much as they are for the opportunity to eat well executed foreign meals in vegetarian and meat+ offerings. It is still a dream of mine to buy up all of one month's tickets for one of these meals and hosting Jimmy Carter, some strippers (and/or a bunch of naughty D.C. female staffers (not pages)), or at least the Wege, the Powerliberals and other Minnesota bloggers that would still dare to bus it up to Blogging in Bemidji event, with or without a bunch of aspiring porn starlets, sex bloggers, and ruined campaign professionals as an entourage.

I owe Reed $20, but I have always recommend ths place to people, and only last night heard they had a website. Thanks, Mandi, for having that conversation with Reed, which was so tempting and easy to overhear and remember.

Other than that, no news beyond the fact that I made it all of the way down to the Cities without incident, or cash to spare on political coffeeshop stops to distribute lit and inspire ad-hoc campaign volunteer activity.

I am looking forward to Al Gore tomorrow, and maybe getting a chance to start another conversation with him about rubber, the tsunami, and elections/peace in Aceh

Update: Somehow the domain name and website for The Wild Hare Bistro changed and I think I have the right link on this page.


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