Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wankers for Hatch, Pawlenty, continue to draw votes from favorite Peter Hutchinson (MN-Gov)

MPR's cumulative results of the MN-Gov Select a Candidate tool show that Peter Hutchinson is the favorite candidate of Minnesota voters based on the shared positions on issues that matter most to individual voters who have used the expert system.

When will the partisan hold outs for Hatch and Pawlenty stop whining about the fact that he could win either candidate the election by throwing his support to them? When will more Minnesotans join us, on the issues, they already have. It is just a matter of time until even "likely voters" (most frequent voters, with landlines) realize they can have their heart's desire, the candidate they really want, and not the limited options presented by the two traditional major parties and the media outlets that make $$$ millions whoring for them...

The fix is in with the Greens, and I have done just enough work outstate to make this possible, if that is what Minnesotan's really want. Of course, there is more work to do. Trumpet your support for Peter Hutchinson online, and in every conversation that comes up about the governor's race, and by the time it comes time to walk in to that voting booth, you'll feel it in the air.

It is so possible. Democracy is still, somehow, possible, at least in Minnesota.

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