Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why, Why, Why? Mike Hatch defeat revisited.

Or Why3?

  1. Beltrami Co. delegate election SNAFU, and Michael Meuers being seated at the State DFL convention with help of fellow Hatch crony Lori Berglund Olson

  2. Free speech and new media fears of Mike Hatch:

    What: Tim Pawlenty (R), incumbent Minnesota governor, squeaks out a win against challenger Mike Hatch (D).

    Details: As attorney general, Hatch argued in favor of the state's anti-games law, which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. During the trial, he called video games "worthless, disgusting speech." But Pawlenty signed the measure into law in the first place. A bit of a Hobson's choice for gamers.

    Winners: Gamers, by a good country mile. Pawlenty might have put his signature on a politically popular bill, but Hatch's comments would seem to reveal some kind of deep-seated hatred of new media.
    [Gamers, your election results, from]

    Remember, this is the election cycle that promised to use the tools of the iPod generation to get out the vote? Some of us game or pursue even more prurient entertainment online, etc. (warning! Erica Campbell pic, no nipples)

  3. If the Democrats had been serious about electing a governor, they would have endorsed anybody but Hatch. The triangulation bullshit, republican light was too much to handle. Hatch was running as Pawlenty, just meaner. Becky Lourey was better. Becky would have won.

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