Monday, December 18, 2006

Elliott Abrams, Flynt Leverett, Iran, the CIA Publications Review Board and Politicized Intelligence

Juan Cole, Flynt Leverett and others argue:

Bush White House Censors Op-Ed on Iran Elliot Abrams Must Go Juan Cole

Dealing with Tehran Flynt Leverett, New America Foundation

Firedoglake post with lots of background on Elliott Abrams

DailyKos diarist Zergle

I will have something of my own tomorrow. Until then, the Juan Cole post is a call to action, and you can do your part to amplify his argument by contacting your U.S. Senators and your House Representative, insist on hearings about this sort of politicization of intelligence. Just why there are so many former Iran-Contra criminals in the current White House? What can be done to prevent these criminals from evading congressional oversight of covert actions and treasonous dealings to finance secret wars in the future, if Congress defunds the Iraq misadventure, or passes a new Boland Amendment that would stop Wurmser, Abrams, et al from starting more wars.


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