Saturday, December 02, 2006

Faithless - bombs - banned by MTV; News

broken links to YouTube clip of banned MTV music video

I was up too late last night looking at various obscure websites, google books, etc. and saw nothing especially useful or hopeful, with the exception of an odd quote:

Polygamy, when tried under modern democratic conditions, as by the Mormons, is wrecked by the revolt of the mass of inferior men who are condemned to celibacy by it; for the maternal instinct leads a woman to prefer a tenth share in a first rate man to the exclusive possession of a third rate one. Polyandry has not been tried under these conditions.

...and a website that signals that despite the renewed popularity of assasination, there is a force more powerful.

It is just phenomenal when you see massive popular protests that the instigators are usually seen by the media to be foreign agents... or rallying on behalf foreign interests. The massive demonstrations in Lebanon today being seen as "Pro-Syrian" or against the "Pro Western, pro-Saudi Siniora government" and not necessarily about Lebanon and the will of a large domestic Lebanese constituency declaring "no confidence" it its supposedly democratic government.

Clinton in Aceh. I wonder if he gets it, yet... but it was his promise, to rebuild Aceh better than it was before, and that regardless of the amount of money spent, if it is spent by Western aid agencies, it is those groups that are responsible for the graft and bribes and waste. We are a long way away from a success that we can be proud of, that will win permanent friends in that part of the world, and the conflict that he says was "settled" really will only be settled long term by equitable prosperity and local control, hopefully democratic and informed control, of development, redevelopment, and culture.

Also on the radar, tomorrows elections in Venezuela, posts about the aftermath of the election in Ecuador, and whatever happened to my interest in the and groups in Indonesia?

Probably more on this later... no tags to draw attention to my disorderly post today.


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