Saturday, December 23, 2006

Festivus - feats of strength scheduled...

I got into the habit (again) during this last summer, which was too full of furious campaigning and politics, of dancing on Friday and Saturday nights at the Front (which features prominently in the Myspace profile of DJ Dirtyduke). I first got into this habit years ago with Postumus (his old livejournal is better), during the long depressing period of self destructive responsibility (bondage to crazy girlfriend number 1) that characterized the period between the dot-com collapse and my post-9/11 self-imposed exile into the northern forests (long, languid days of fishing, gardening, and beginning to build my internet empire over dial-up). No, when I was tortured, when I allowed myself to be degraded and belittled incessantly, the Front was a hopeful reprieve, a glimpse at what might be possible if I ended that and tried to start again. Ths last summer, the Front provided me some balance, and an opportunity to practise being social in a less political and more normal environment.

Postumus doesn't seem to get out much anymore. My "Airing of Grievances" part of the Festivus tradition will be to point out the fact that Postumus is failing us all by not blogging more, and not e-mailing me, to say nice post, etc. as he did briefly, earlier this year. There are probably other people out there that can imagine they should also be targets of Aired Grievences on the failure to keep up e-mail correspondences.

Since winter hit, and since my gym membership has canceled, I've become fat and weak, so I can't really promise to accept "Feats of Strength" challenges from anyone who shows up tonight, but I'll accept some pinning attempts, in the spirit of Festivus, if they come from trustworthy looking women who genuinely promise to be gentle. Dancing at the Front, and turning pages while reading books, have been my only forms of regular exercise since the doorknocking, envelope stuffing season finished, and living out of my vehicle forced me to go to a YMCA at least once a day.

So I am headed to Front after awhile. There are two-fer-ones if you show up early (10:30 PM) but things don't really get started until 1AM. Feel free to buy me a Newcastle...

If you have no idea what I look like, I kind of look like this, taken when dancing in Amsterdam's Zebra Lounge (guy in green shirt - big beard) to a play list that luckily was nearly exactly what the Front's Dirty Duke had been playing for months... I don't know if that is synchronicity, the timewave, or just coincidence, but I felt it made for perfection.

I am looking forward to a lot of dancing in Las Vegas and D.C.

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