Friday, December 01, 2006

Gratuitous Keeley Hazell video; CIA underwear thief

Keeley Hazell has done a series of videos recapturing some of the magic of the Benny Benassi, which unfortunately has not got the raw sex appeal or music of the original:

As a kid I always looked forward to a trip with my dad to the local chainsaw repair shop, because they had lots of posters of scantily clad models posing with chainsaws... it was that and the ladies lingerie section of the Sear's Catalog that made me realize, at an early age, that I was a hot-blooded heterosexual, and no doubt contributed to forming path I am on now, that of the casual pornographer.

A CIA underwear thief makes an appearance in court:

George C. Dalmas III, a CIA employee for almost 20 years, yesterday admitted to breaking into 10 homes in the McLean area about a year ago and taking valuables and curiosities...

...Search warrants list 1,074 pairs of women's undergarments that he stole, many of which were stuffed in shopping bags inside a filing cabinet at his Fulton Avenue home in Falls Church.

"I don't profess to be that knowledgeable about ladies' undergarments," Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Ian M. Rodway said afterward when asked to describe the evidence. "They ran the gamut from frilly things to mundane things." [Fredrick Kunkle, Washington Post]

If only I had grown up around locksmiths and not lumberjacks I would have some value to the military intelligence comunity, but last time I checked they had no use for a community forester/biologist for the humid tropics. If only I was a billionaire and Keeley really knew how to operate that chainsaw, she could be part of my "busty relief" international disaster response team. Oh well.

There was plenty of good stuff on C-SPAN today about the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee chair being selected and policy/lawmaking from a panel at the American Bar Association's 16th annual Review of National Security Law. There is someone on right now from Human Rights First.

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