Thursday, December 14, 2006

NYPD assault on press freedoms via Busty Amanda Congdon

The NYPD seized a camera from a journalist at a protest at the Mexican embassy with nothing at resembling due process, professionalism, etc. clearly violating the 1st and 4th Amendments as most Americans understand them. Update: video of violent incident where police seized camera. Also that journalist on twitter: @FluxRostrum

Amanda Congdon is busty, hot, and she once had a videoblog of her own, before she became a MSM corporate whore. Update: She's on twitter @amazingamanda and she's vegan. Several broken links removed.

My impressions of my Uncle Larry in my previous post were unfair, really only based on one event when he vigorously rubbed his knuckle into my scalp, and disinherited me after I complained to my folks and grandparents.

He was, according to many of my relatives, in their remembrances, larger-than-life, a humorous, fun-loving guy. "I thought he was Donald Trump, before I knew who Donald Trump was", said one cousin.


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