Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Salvador model for Iraq

W. Patrick Lang has an insightful post about Cheney's visit to Saudi Arabia, with equally insightful comments contributed by a variety of people, some of which elicited responses from the blogs author:

The Saudi Prince and whose army? Yes they buy the best there is (software may be not the best) and millions of dollars are channeled to casinos and whores all over the Med. If the Saudis were serious they would turn the spigot off, unfortunately..... it's turning off by itself. SA's out of oil, hence the Iraqi adventure.

Just wait until Anbar gets all the toys the Saudi princes don't play with.

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The kind of talent needed to support an insurgency from an external base can be hired or attained through international agreement. It does not have to be your own talent. pl

Posted by: W. Patrick Lang | 03 December 2006 at 06:51 PM

I am not sure what the Salvador option really means, if it means an end run around Congress to supply an Arab contra army despite any looming Congressional objections by coordinating foreign funding by the Israelis and Saudis (which happened for the contras), or if it instead connotes the use of vigorous use of spectacular brutality as a psychological operation (which is already happening, but inspired by who?). It probably (obviously?) means both. Also, keep in mind the possibility that illegal drugs, especially hashish and opium, the only thing that really resembles an oil-like commodity from Afghanistan and/or Lebanon, are as yet untapped resources for funding secret wars when legitimate funding sources are cut.

I think we need to quickly remove Negroponte and Cheney, or signal, strongly, that the American people do not endorse any Saudi, Israeli and/or Iranian funding (yes, Iran - Cheney's Halliburton has a history of dealings with Iran in contrevention of U.S. sanctions) for more U.S. covert or private ops, when and if Congress cuts funding to the Private Military Contractors and/or CIA and OGAs in Iraq. Additionally, Saudi support for right-wing or pro-Siniora militias in Lebanon are a bad move, a move that only a Wurmser or a Feith could love, and will wound the Saudis if they try it.

Anyway, here is the Times article many reference on this: El Salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by US against Iraq militants.

Random wikipedia pages: Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, Porter Goss, Barry Seal, John Negroponte.

Homework: Google "Operation Tipped Kettle"

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