Sunday, January 07, 2007

ABC Radio Disney stifles criticism, defends wingnut radio hate speech advertising revenue

Slashdot has an article about a blogger who brought KSFO Radio Disney's hate speech to the attention to advertisers, and got shut down by Disney lawyers. This YouTube clip contains some of the audio that Disney objected to the blogger reusing in doing his media criticism and activism, which clearly fee within the bounds of fair use:

Here is the link to the YouTube for people using readers that don't display embedded video: For Spocko, uploaded by 'upwithfairuse'.

This is clearly a case of the commercial interests that dominate the American media being willing to undermine their all of our free speech rights (including the basis of their own free speech) to try to maintain their traditional lock on the public's attention and advertising revenue, that is increasingly being threatened by citizen journalism and small online media channels.

There is also an article on slashdot about YouTube being blocked in Brazil over the Daniela Cicarelli sex on the beach video.

Censorship sucks. If you enjoy being able to mine the blogosphere for diverse opinions and news sources less constrained by financial considerations and threats from lawyers, etc., you should find a way to support some of the organizations that defend Free Speech and the First Amendment that I link to in the right hand column here at Impeccable Liberal Credentials, Minnesota's naughtiest politics blog.

Seeing the largest user-contributed video distribution service under attack by legal means is a reminder that the true potential of the internet is still hobbled by commercial motives and fears, and that to be truly robust a larger number of individuals need to be technically competent enough, and brave enough, to be able to keep the information, files and embarassing video clips available for the public interest, even the prurient public interest, that doesn't have lawyers seeking continued access to those files on their behalf. We will eventually need to have young people in ever community who can keep internet infrastructure going and admin bloghosting and streaming servers, maintain wireless links and routing, in the event that the lawyers somewhere ever manage to pull the plug on the big internet itself, or big components like Google and Blogger and the infrastructure they own.

If you are young enough and your mind is still agile, you should learn as much as you can about the basics of internet protocol, and a robust and free operating system like FreeBSD or Linux.


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