Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Countdown to Las Vegas

Fleshbot has been running a countdown to the AVN Awards, which is on the evening of Jan. 13th. I should be running a countdown to the events in Las Vegas that I am most motivated to attend, the annual meeting of the Free Speech Coalition, the evening of the 12th and the Internext Expo, which runs from the 15th to the 17th. I've got a few days gap that I could spend doing almost anything...

While it should be easy for me to weasel my way into the AVN Awards, the Adult Entertainment Expo show floors and associated parties, I have been given a free pass to the Internext Expo (like last year), and I am very likely to spend much more time exploring and advertising in the the larger Las Vegas environs for political purposes than I did last year. Perhaps I will manage to relax a bit and forget my mission, but not so much or for so long that I let anyone fix my teeth, PCR test me, and sign me to any studio contracts. That sort of of offer has been dangled in front of me before, but I imagine I am worth more at a UNIX console than I am in front of a camera. At least that was an excuse I made last time, and then I was not interested in making my own money, but convincing more secular, Western millionaires to contribute to slightly more scientific and rational approaches to tsunami recovery and peace-building, sustainable development.

I am nearly always focused on achieving my goals of changing culture and politics, and Nevada's early primary in 2008 will make it worth spending a full day away from the madness to get to know more about what the locals expect from and are starting to feel about the 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls that have already announced, and make friends with likely organizers, activists, and influence peddlers. Since I am driving, I get to pass through Iowa twice and do a bit more scouting there, too. A real coup though would be to infect the minds of the real creatives in this industry with passion for progressive values and goals, like engaging more Americans in the more powerful parts of Democratic processes, and I know at least one pornstar that is seriously thinking about the California State Assembly...

I could be persuaded to do coaching while I am out there on either straight seduction skills or some combination of pick-up artistry and politicking, web marketing and guerilla promotions that are free/cheap/efficient and concievably even profitable. I could simply be a guide and facilitate introductions for someone really wanted to work in that industry. While I haven't been interested in making money or generating economic friction since the war started (that might be changing), I am still less interested in making money from knowing how things work the way they are, but making things "better". I am well-known and well-liked among the crowd gathering in Las Vegas, and enough people know my story that I can probably eat and drink and party and crash for free, but if there is someone with either the desire to be talent and has the features of an Erica Campbell/Keeley Hazell hybrid, they can tag along for free (but will do a share of the driving), or a person with reasonable social and technical skills, parallel political interests, about a week and a day to waste, and $10,000 to cover their own expenses can apply to tag along. One of the British guys I was coaching last year ended up in bed with two Californian girls (who happened to be tourists not pornstars) and establishing something like a meaningful, if long distance, relationship with one of them. I can teach things to people who want to learn. E-mail me: impeccableliberalcredentials [at] gmail [ dot ] com

Also if anyone has an extra laptop with wireless that I could use while I am out there, I could 'live blog' parts of this thing :)

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