Sunday, January 21, 2007

Erica Campbell wants your vote for Playboy Cybergirl of the Year

Erica Campbell, Playboy Cyber Girl of October 2006, wants to be Cyber Girl of the Year.

Dear readers, we can help push her over the top if you can take just a minute to click through the button below and vote for her, or republish this button or link to this post on your own blog.

I'll also send out something about this on my e-mail list. I am sorry if she's not your own personal definition of ultimate feminine sexual beauty but she comes very close to mine, plus she's got a heart.

Hopefully we can persuade her to be more outspoken. We may not be able to make her UNHCR goodwill ambassador, and she may not agree to participate in my Aceh fair trade rubber documentary, (I haven't really pitched that to her face-to-face yet, and it wouldn't hurt to have some $$$ backing first) but I bet she will be more convinced that she can change the world with her charm and fame if a handful of bloggers, activists, and politicos trust her with their vote for "Cyber Girl of the Year" and bother to take just a minute of their busy internet day to vote and amplify her fame and expand her audience.

In Las Vegas did find other models (and companies) that did like the documentary idea, and some that were pretty creative, more about all that in another post tomorrow.

Click here -> to vote Erica Campbell for Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year <- (link removed as voting ended Jan. 23rd)

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