Friday, January 26, 2007

Google changes algorithms - "Miserable failure" linkbomb defused

A story on Search Engine Land announces that Google has defused the Bush/Miserable Failure linkbomb in an algorithm update. The story is nice because it highlights some of the political context of the "miserable failure" charge that was initially leveled at Bush most prominently by Dick Gephardt. It also links to Google's own Matt Cutts delivering their explanation of the algorithm change on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

In my book, Bush is a serious problem, but the failure was the Democratic Party's failure to elect a more sizeable majority to congress, including candidates who would have been willing to consider impeachment. Maybe they will still find backbone, but tomorrows protests, in D.C. and nationwide, will hopefully send a strong signal. The war in Iraq must end. It is clear that the war will not end while Bush remains in office. Impeachment is the lawful, peaceful way to remove him and end this unpopular, illegal and losing war.

Understanding the behavior of the search engines, and how to be more effective webmasters and communicators, is part of figuring out how we create the world we live in together, and how we might choose to create a better one. The search engines grant significance and meaning, or collate the sum total of the relevance we grant to other voices on the internet, by measuring how we link to those voices, our links describe them.

It wasn't an accident or an isolated prank that the sum total by Google for the terms failure and "miserable failure" pointed to Bush. It was classical organizing and people power in a new virtual commons.

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