Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Impeachment via State Legislature - Events in New Mexico

Democracy for New Mexico has a post with pictures of impeachment press conference.

Senators Gerald Ortiz y Pino and John Grubesic speak at Roundhouse press conference announcing introduction of Cheney-Bush impeachment resolution at the NM Legislature in Santa Fe yesterday.

"We're simply doing what all elected officials should be doing. That is, listening to the voice of the people and trying to carry it out as best we can." --Sen. Ortiz y Pino

"I am an American citizen that believes that the Constitution is a sacred document and that the Bush Administration clearly does not share this sentiment." --Sen. Grubesic

The initiation of the State House route to impeachment of Bush and Cheney is a good thing, since Nancy Pelosi has taken initiation of impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House 'off the table'.*

*This is a somewhat incredible site, but I am linking to it because there is fun stuff there for the adventurous, but likely hazards for the credulous. I especially like the stuff from Brion Gysin, Burroughs and Peter Lamborm Wilson on Hassan-i-Sabah (if anyone truly lost in the post-Soviet Afghan catastrophe, it was the Ismailis). That link is the kind of thing you stumble across in the comments at Rigorous Intuition, like this gem:

If the depth of understanding is spread more evenly throughout society, there will be less opportunity for con men to pull their scams. As long as the con men can make the rules of playing the reality games complicated, and keep the code to themselves; they can grow their advantage. Of course those complicated rules can be inconvenient, because of their rough correlation to reality, but that’s okay too; yet more profit opportunities. Parasites like their hosts to be sick.

We look to the con men still, because their story seems convincing to the majority of people. Or at least the people that matter, and the dumb people. The rest of us however, have not taken responsibility to create a more intrinsically appealing story. We are fools to think that we merely need some subtle refinement of our current stories. Provide one, and you might even get a job. If it’s close enough to the existing stories, then it can be construed and manipulated to reflect well on those stories. We can do more than simply realize that we have been brainwashed. [partial comment by Sounder]

If politicians like Nancy Pelosi are too afraid to defend the Constitution in its obvious time of crisis, then we all need to admit we live in a post-legal, post-American world where might, and the use of other persuasive technologies, make right, and that the dramas of Washington, D.C. are a farce. What we are left with then is a weird, corporate, matrix-like web of shared belief, and we have to learn how to manipulate it and program it faster than the most corporate social planners.

Certainly, without an America, the American dollar devalues even more rapidly...

Impeachment is preferable to total collapse for probably everyone except Bush, Cheney, and organizations Blackwater, beyond concerns of constitutionality.

For me, its hard to see peace with out impeachment, and more restrained behaviour from future madmen become President, without real consequences now. Weirder, less constitution measures are just dangerous half-measures, like the fictional tale told
of brave and quick-thinking military men, and spies, averting really catastrophic war with Iran and China in Richard Clark's Scorpion's Gate. We will not be rescued by rare, heroic individuals. We will simply be locked into total war, and too many would be idealistic young patriots will be shipped off to be spent and become less dangerous (to D.C.'s treasonous powers) in far flung conflicts.

A peaceful, constitutional process has to happen, and soon.

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