Friday, January 05, 2007

It is called investigative journalism...

Mad Cow Morning Morning News has a nice short clip on a 9/11 Atta cell supporter that turned up in the South Pacific.

A longer clip by Hopsicker, which starts out with information about a Special Forces/Vietnam era lawsuit, has more footage of Amanda Keller, the 9/11 terror cell's Papa John's hook-up.

"It's called investigative journalism... no grand theories, we're not pontificating, we are not internet armchair adventurers..." say Hopsicker at the end of this long clip of video footage of Mohammed Atta's American girlfriend.

It's all such complicated and improbable non-sense, perhaps we should all pretend that 9/11 never happened, and that Israeli Art Students, proported Defense Contractors, Germanic CIA employees, and maybe even space aliens were not all clustering in some sleepy Florida retiree community back in February 2001. We should just forget it, like impeachment, etc., for the sake of national healing...

(P.S. I am including Space Aliens in the post, because UFO's are more popular than big tits, yet for some reason google still finds Erica Campbell sexier than Space Aliens).

(P.P.S. The Google Trends have been rejiggered to reflect consensus reality, and thankfully Paul Wolfowitz articles have also been disappearing from the internets and Lexis Nexis. Actually it looks like the Google Trends data has been normalized by removing a large number of search requests about UFOs from South America. Perhaps Google is using the opportunity provided by the Brazilian Sex Tapes/You Tube lawsuit to re-evaluate other services provided to S. America that could threaten other powerful South American personalities. This is good news on the national healing front, probably bad news for earthlings in the "drug mule" trade. Cutting the narco-terrorists out of a little business is probably a good use of any captured extra-terrestrial/trans-dimentional saucers, if they exist...)

(We'll get back to real news and cut back on the link bait and hopefully entertaining, if paranoid, disinformation when Congress actually starts their 100 hour long lopping-off-heads campaign, and as time allows.)


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