Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Minnesota Monitor has a Cindy Sheehan interview up

Minnesota Monitor has published the following interview with Cindy Sheehan, conducted by by Paul Schmelzer: 'Get out in the streets' to oppose war in Iraq.

I don't see much in that event summary or interview about impeachment, which was a big thrust of her speech, and I think it was well supported by the crowd, which must have been well over 1,000. It was a big deal. She also spoke strongly in favor of Dennis Kucinich for President. Neither "Kucinich" nor "Impeachment" appear on that page. That is so odd... Kucinich was very successful in getting caucus attendees to turn out for him in Minneapolis in 2004. It is okay to let the rest of the world know that :)

Cindy mentioned several times that we are an amazing, activist group here in Minnesota, with our willingness to stand out in the cold at rallies, the large number of nationally prominaent and successful activists we have in our midst, etc. She was surprised this was her first visit here, actually...

Update: Abdi Aynte also has a story on MinMon about Anti-war Activist Cindy Sheehan Brings Message to Minnesota which covers an event earlier in the day than the event I attended. Abdi's piece makes mention, at least, of her support of Dennis Kucinich for President in 2008, but not of the need for impeachment and accountability for Bush and Cheney and the other liars. Also, I am told that the interview mentioned in the first part of this post was conducted before the presentation at St. Joan of Ark, so it makes some sense that these remarks were not mentioned or probed more deeply by the interviewer.

A couple other quick things about the event I attended, it opened with beautiful music by Sara Thomsen, there was a wonderful introduction of Cindy Sheehan by Minnesota's most treasured former state legislator and another prominent member of Gold Star Families for Peace, Sen. Becky Lourey

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The corporate media don't want their boys, Bush and Cheney, impeached. They also are threatened by the policies supported by Kucinich.

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