Wednesday, January 03, 2007

UFOs and a protest against time...

The milestone marked by the 3000th U.S. servicemember KIA in Iraq triggered vigils around the country.

The mainstream media was more comfortable discussing at length a protest against 2007 and time metered by calendars, and an even more taboo subject: UFO sighting over Chicago O'Hare airport with multiple airline employees as witness.

The political backstory of the UFO is interesting. It was sighted at 4:30 PM on November 7th, which was election day. The story only recently came into the media's spotlight, but a eyewitness' account had been reported on Nov 8th on Democratic Underground, of all places. In what looks a classical government coverup, FAA officials first deny then admit that the incident occured, but explain it away by confusing details with popular denial/coping strategies, "lights in the clouds at night", etc. which should put the matter to rest (except it was reported during the day)...

We need UFOs, or some more intimidating existential threat than barefoot Afghanis with RPGs to justify the apparatus of the National Security State, to require a fearless, half-cocked, unimpeachable leader. Perhaps, like the Saudis, the alien/inter-dimensional enemy favors Bush as our conduit to them, and this November 7th was not the first time they were present on election day. A nice, rational explanation like aliens would make me feel more comfortable about excepting the judgement of the wisemen, that George W. Bush should not be impeached. Obviously the barefoot Afghanis become more dangerous when they have advanced inter-dimensional allies with powerful weapons, shape-shifting abilities, and can pass through walls (religious people could call them devils or angels), and that, therefore necessitates that America also found alliances with opposing inter-dimensional forces with hypnotic gazes, an ability to create false memories and out of body, virtual reality experiences, and equally powerful space/time disrupting weapons. For whatever reason, our new allies need us to win in Iraq, too. Or they'll vaporize the planet. They hunger for oil and lust for young flesh that their sexless can neither pleasure or be pleasured by. Wait, that's Rumsfeld and Cheney to a "T", who needs "the grays" of Whitley Streiber :)

So here is more UFO fantasy to help you reconcile abandoning the notions that drove you to the polls and the fact that our alien overlords would never stomach impeachment and other obvious constitutional processes...

In actual fact, I think last night's send off for Keith Ellison and the brouhaha over the swearing in ceremony that is soon to be is something that expresses as much "High Weirdness" and meets a real need of the powerful, poltergeist-like collective subconscious of America. Something very significant, symbolic and intentional did happen on November 7th, but it wasn't in some airport in Chicago. It was the thought and promise of peace, manifested by collective action in a single congressional district.

We can renew our democracy. We can live with intent and purpose in day to day life. We can develop means of communication and organizing that don't require the approval of the media and the wealthy elites of either coast or even Twin Cities corporate culture. We can resist what seems to be to too many people the predestined destruction on life on earth as we know it, whether the feared cause is pseudo-science and technology as in Global Warming or Nuclear Holocaust, or demonic/racial/biblical prophesy. We can choose to inhabit this earth more equitably and sustainably, and find purpose in that, or we can pursue the course we are on, which does seem to be one of charring the earth, murdering and enslaving each other in ways that would only make sense if it somehow pleased Satanic Forces/Alien Overlords/MobilExxon-ChevronTexaco.

I usually see the space alien/UFO thing as some sort of expression of the human brain's unhappiness in a human-only world. We evolved in a world, or our culture evolved in a world, where we were constantly exposed to novelty in the diverse biological environment of plants and animals, geological and atmospheric forces that were not predictable, rationally, but could sometimes be intuited. Our culture of violence between humans can sometimes seem justifiable on moral terms, but our systematic violence against the landscape and the global ecosystem is true madness.

There is a lot left to learn in this world, and politics is usually projecting prejudice and not a practice of inquiry and gathering facts. Yet information is the the new dollar, or the new crude in a barrel, depending on the degree to which it has been refined, made portable, or applied to any task.

I don't know what to make of the reports of an apparently alien space craft in Chicago any more than the Virgil Goode knows what to do about the new Islamic invader in Congress, but I do think those French protestors are on to something in putting out the alert on the forward creep of time, when there are so many End of Time eschatology fantasies in the popular mind, yet in my mind I am just warming up to a party that is just getting started. Hopefully there are some equally adventurous botanists and chess players in the invaders hosts. If not, I am still for impeachment, even if the aliens are real or Mexican drug gangs nuke El Paso, etc. No amount of fear or mind-blowing sideshow should stop the obvious constitutional process that is called for against the like of Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz, etc. It is our blueprint, our roadmap, our only common document for all Americans.

Investigate and impeach the President, then deal with whatever is next in the queue, however weird or messy or broken it is.


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In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

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