Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Books, biology, and other posts you can hope for

I have some real posts coming soon, about books I've been reading, events I've attended, and events I have been involved in planning.

One book that I've started, but not yet finished is Breakpointby Richard Clarke, which is somewhat awkward and obvious in its attempts to be informative and yet safely in the realm of fiction at the same time. I haven't bought it, I've just been sitting and reading it at a Barnes & Noble or a Border's in between meetings, and I haven't been taking notes, but I will go back and copy a quote or two for the purposes of writing a review. I can't do it now, but making any post on this blog right now is useless, until I see signs it is being indexed again.

I plan on writing a little about biology and biological symbols and iconography.

I should also have some solid information soon about a reversal in the direction of a more natural application of biology to solving technical problems than the common use of the term biotechnology usually brings to mind.

So that's what you have to look forward to, if you continue to be patient with this site while it recovers from its unfortunate run in with Google's Blogger Bug mentioned in the update to the last post.



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