Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Condi Rice wrong about history of WWII, State Department

A recent post on Crooks and Liars has a video clip of Rice, and analysis by Keith Olberman, of Condi Rice stretching her interpretation of history too far.

On CSPAN last night I caught a bit of Rice asking the Senate for an additional 3.2 billion dollars, which is probably part of the off budget Iraqi Occupation supplemental, for an economic offensive in Iraq that would complement the surge.

I would rather see Congress perform some oversight and investigate what State has accomplished to date, or failed to accomplish, not just in Iraq but everywhere they've taken this Global War on Terror, and figure out what is working, and what is not.

Lying constantly, and misrepresenting history so very badly, is not working. On the other hand the Senate deserves some criticism for confirming Negroponte to State, as well. What the hell was that? Can we at least pretend that Democrats aren't whole-heartedly in support of Iran-Contra style crimes replaying in Iraq, throughout the Middle East, etc.? Even with a majority, Senators like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Amy Klobuchar are submitting to a radical, extra-constitutional agenda, failing to provide oversight, and failing to provide the constitutional role of "advise and consent" on these confirmations, and in appropriating huge somes of taxpayer dollars to unaccountable crooks and State and USAID contracts to subcontractors that misrepresent the will and diverse opinions of the American people for a narrow and destructives 'end times' agenda. We need to create a liveable world, not final battle between East and West. We need to recover the balance of power between the executive and legislative branch, and in the other body, in the House last night we saw radical right wing attacks and new constraints proposed on the Judiciary, banning their use of foreign or international law in considering the meaning and relevance of U.S. law in federal cases. We need democrats in Congress who can seperate the tasks in front of them now from the timid fears of the professional political class, the media, and the opposition itself, from their hopes for electoral success in 2008. If they won't do the job now, if they won't run with the mandate they clearly have been given, they don't deserve more support at the ballot boxes in 2008 or 2010 or ever again.

Do not pass the 2007 Iraq War Supplemental without extensive debate, resonable constraints, and an investigation into the return on investment in these previous supplemental requests. After 4 years, this sort of thing is no longer a supplemental, emergency request, it can be planned, an included in the regular budget. Give State as much oversight and attention as the DoD, after all it is the failure of diplomacy that causes war, and we expect diplomacy, done better, to eventually extract us from this mess...

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