Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google Analytics... new blog plan

In a post a few days ago, about my new google group, this blog's traffic, other sites stats, etc. I said something about not obsessing about stats on this blog... but I caved in and am now using Google Analytics and the assumptions I made about traffic on this are shockingly wrong... but I learned a lot from investigating them.

For now, pics of Erica and Raven are going away, and I am either going to use AdSense on this site, or find a way to use racy but non-nude pics to reward readers that actually bother to read my diatribes... I am going to have to start programming again. I was enjoying being a ideologue and ranter, but now I am going to have to apply some science to ths project, or get a real job.

If Google AdSense turns this site down, the nipples will be back, but hidden, like Easter eggs.


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