Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

While I would rather be running around doing silly, romantic things for the women I like here in the Twin Cities today, I have to run an errand out of town. So all I can manage to do is imagine that I've done those things, and hopefully on somelevel the intent is communicated and appreciated.

And that's less embarassing, but less special, than having some tall, freaky guy disrupt your workplace by delivering some kind of organic, fair-trade chocolate bar, or organic, fair-trade natural rubber latex catsuit to you during your lunch hour.

I'll just have to that on some random day in the coming weeks...

Somewhat related, I still haven't managed to write all of the e-mails I should have last week (no laptop, no free internet access in D.C.) to the people I just met in D.C.

Hopefully that intent registers someplace, too, but I immediately got caught up in the work I have to do to keep this blog going, and other parts of my internet machinery well-oiled. Hell, I'll just post an example... something I cobbled together late the other night for my perennial internet valentine:

(link to defunct website removed)

Now, who out there will fund the documentary that will enable me to tell me story about Aceh, continue to provide appropriate technology transfer to rubber farmers there, explore rubber-industry related impacts on climate change and the environment, and rap that pretty girl up in specially compounded latex? It would pretty obviously be a commercial success...

A first step, soon, would be to take her to Europe to stun a few rubber traders and engineers, meet the top latex fashion craftsmen, and party with all of my friends at an internet/telecom industry event in Amsterdam in late April.... The film's principal financiers would be welcome to tag a long :)

I can get a pretty concrete plan and the beginnings of a budget together for anyone who gets really interested in this... but it will take some money soon to get Erica to that event in Amsterdam.

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