Saturday, February 17, 2007

Self-pimpage; New Google Group

I don't keep keep close statistics on this site... by not doing the stats thing, it preserves some of your anonymity as a reader/surfer, and some of the useless stats watching, a common trap to bloggers and other webmasters. So instead I vacillate from occasional feelings of this blog being entirely useless to me, to my internet model friends, to the social causes I promote, to being awestruck at the influence this blog occasionally actually has... I usually try not to think about it, and stay focused on writing the next and most appropriate blog post. The goal is changing the world, not creating an A-list blog.

Nevertheless, on my other sites, and my sponsors, have stats tools I sometimes use, and I drew upon those as sources for the following bit of self-pimpage (though the blogging projects and really small sites I didn't examine or factor in, they may also be significant in aggregate.):

In an SEO contest:

Defeated a dozen or more skilled, professional adult webmasters from around the world in a SEO contest on two search terms, getting multiple first page Google results for both terms... (this was not even thought possible by the contest's engineers), with more time constraints (I delayed active participation for a weekor more to finish my election related volunteer efforts)

For Erica Campbell on

( is my Busty Sex TGP which is actually a TGP2, a small movement for self-regulation and restraint in the adult internet industry that I contributed to in 2002-2004, and as it turns out the site was improperly optimized for obviously valuable search terms, my stats show less than 500 requests for terms involving "erica campbell" so this is almost all new traffic, new interest generated for this "client" )

7,467 unique click-throughs to from Jan 31st, 2006 to Feb 17th, 2007, plus thousands more from other pages about Erica promoting Suze Randall's site.

25,000+ pages served featuring Erica Campbell in period Jan 31st, 2006 to Feb 17th, 2007

Stats show the top two requested images show more than 35,000 banner impressions for and

Traffic on the adult internet is huge, and there are plenty of ways to get huge amounts of totally worthless (economically worthless) traffic, but my traffic is really very different. A lot of it is traffic that I created or attracted by building the right kind of content, a page at a time, over years.

For Democracy:

Brought much more attention to the Alito filibuster effort, and maybe a few hundred or a thousand phonecalls to U.S. Senators. I also reminded porn fans it was election day on Nov. 7th and asked them to make their voting decisions based on the Free Speech Coalition's Congressional Report card. (100,000+ page views each, thousands of clickthroughs). I had some help in that, thank you See their mentions of me (and Erica) here: Hot election day action and Wet Spots from Jan 26, 2006, which might have pointed to this post on livejournal, which might have linked to a that at least temporarily announced the end of free porn if Alito was confirmed. There is nothing useful from this period to link to on the "Wayback Machine" because of a unicode encoding error... google was also choking on that though browsers could render it... one of many mistakes made in running that site I have learned a lot from!

I mention this stats business mostly because I am starting a fancy new e-mail list where I will offer my help, advice and knowledge to would be bloggers and pornstars who want to collaborate along the same lines to improve the world we live in, make a tiny bit of money to fairly compensate ourselves for our efforts, and the list will also be open to readers of this blog that want to provide somewhat more anonymous tips and feedback, or plan real world events.


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