Sunday, February 18, 2007

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) performs Pink, Dream On

Steven Tyler performs Pink and Dream On during the closing event of the Department of Peace Campaign convention in Washington, D.C. February 5th, 2007. Favorite this thing and publish it elsewhere, if you are YouTube savvy... then write a quick e-mail or postacrd to your US Senator, HR 808 needs a Senate sponsor...

I am posting this YouTube clip because I was at this event, and the lyrics of Pink contain a mention of rubber, and generating an interest in or finding the means to make a documentary about rubber, Aceh, and perhaps the fabrication of a unique and perhaps magickal outfit out of fair-trade natural rubber for Playboy model Erica Campbell (or really whoever wants to really make this happen, but I hope it would be her), that is a large part of the purpose of this blog...

...I want to be your lover
I wanna wrap you in rubber
As pink as the sheets that we lay on
Pink its my favorite crayon, yeah

Pink it was love at first sight...

Almost randomly, here is some more music just brought to my attention by JaYMan: Ekoostik Hookah Live at Frontier Ranch on 1998-08-29 (August 29, 1998). JaYMan's MySpace profile still has an advertisement up for an event with Raven Riley, billed as the Latex Party, which I passed up to attend the Department of Peace conference, so obviously peace and non-violence really matter to me, as much or more than very pretty girls.

I want to live in a world characterized by all of these features... beautiful women, peace and sustainability, and music worth listening to, performed live and without mediation (then made freely available for replay on demand on the internet).

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