Monday, February 26, 2007

Still waiting for Google to figure things out...

Or I would have a post for you this evening. Instead, I have something I've posted on Google Webmaster Help Group (with some typos corrected and names redacted):

I have a blog, largely about MN politics, free speech issues, foreign policy and peace, and I have obviously put a lot of work into it with 250+ posts in the last year. It is here:

I also have an interesting reputation, locally, as someone who has worked in soft-core internet porn since the dot-com bust of 2000, and for having done humanitarian relief work in a remote area in Aceh after the tsunami (before I got into the internet thing I had studied botany in other parts of Sumatra and so I happened to speak Indonesian, so knew something technical and useful. I had one of the most sucessful small projects in agriculture/economic recovery working with rubber farmers).

My blog had been called Impeccable Liberal Credentials, which was a bit of a joke and a dig at a corrupt Democratic Party operative named Michael Meuers who tried to assure me that we were on the same side, the night before the Beltrami Co. DFL (democratic) convention, that we both shared the same "Impeccable Liberal Credentials", yet he and his cronies totally abused parliamentary procedure to shut out an anti-war strategy called Peace First! (see if you are interested)

I have been involved in promoting Erica Campbell since 2001, for several different sites, and I know her. She's said she's okay with me using her name on this blog in the way I do, and promoting the absurd fantasy that she might figure into a video documentary/research project to create a niche market for fair trade rubber in fashion, or technical grades that could be made my developing processing methods for rubber (deproteinization) that could be done on a small-holder/village scale. Also I write a bit about rubberseed oil as a source for biodiesel.

Anyway, Erica knows about this, we've discussed it in messages on Myspace but I've had trouble getting a hold of responsible people working on her website just to make sure they know that I've got her permission, but then again, I use licensed content and a referral code and they know who I am so, if there is any sort of copyright concern or DMCA issue that I am caught up in, it is baseless. There is a DMCA-related notice on the bottom of Google SERPs for the term "Erica Campbell" but my url isn't in that document...

I use an tag since I will admit that I have wild ideas, live a wild life that I would not encourage minors or other impressionable readers to ever emulate, and occasionally post links to softcore porn or post pics of Erica Campbell and Raven Riley (I know Raven Riley as well, and I have either my own pics I have shot - non-nude, or very soft core licensed images of Erica Campbell). Google doesn't have a DMCA or copyright risk with me.

I don't mind being excluded from "Safe Search results" since I don't want to encourage "the under 18 set" to vote, to participate in humanitarian interventions in conflict zones and natural disasters, or look at softcore porn.

Recently, I've been penalized, am getting very little, if any Search engine traffic from google, though MSN and Yahoo are still fine.

This might result from a "blogroll" updates that might have happened near simultaneously on a few friend's blogs, but those were human facilitated changes, and I would be suprised if it triggered a Google filter...

What is up? How can I help Google understand blogging and blogging related networks like the -blanked-out- list? I am also reasonably well-informed and a leader of sorts among some of the more responsible adult webmasters in the English-speaking world, I am sure that helping me understand what happened here, and how it gets resolved, will eventually result in a set of best practices that I can propapagate out to my networks in both of my social networks of (responsible porn + irresponsible politics/blogging) SEO-interested web content creators...

Soren (a.k.a Seksi and/or ImpeccableLiberalCredentials)

Update: This is now fixed and I should be back up to the traffic I thought I had in no time. A useful link to understand this: Fixing The Nofollow Bug in Blogspot

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Blogger JLH said...

view the code of your site in your browser, You've got

meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW"

In the head section which will stop them from indexing your site.

10:38 AM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Thanks. I've read about blogspot doing that suddenly, unexpectly to people's blogs...

11:41 AM  

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