Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A week on the road, been in D.C since Friday...

I am losing track of time. Internet access here is difficult for me, so the whole list of thank you e-mails that I should be sending out, the pleased to have met you (and loved your curls, too...) e-mails that should also be going out, the descriptions of meetings with Congress on the Department of Peace, all of this is delayed.


I'll try to fix this situation as soon as possible, but I need allies. I have a difficult relationship with the American dollar, and this is the source of these obstacles. Fuck, I hate it. I hate having spent the last years since the invasion avoiding work and payment, and therefore taxes, and also a respectable resume.

End the war. You'll get more posts and e-mails from me, faster. I will try to post soon. I need a bag full of Euros, a plane ticket and a passport though... if this war thing persists any longer. I am at the end...


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