Monday, March 26, 2007

Action Items, Commentary on Iraq War Supplemental, Senate Version

United for Peace and Justice has issued a CALL TO ACTION ON CONGRESSIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL VOTE, most pressing is obviously making a call to your Senators to encourage they vote against the 2007 Iraq War Emergency Spending measure just passed by the house, because you want to bring the troops home ASAP! If they must support this funding, in the hopes the Murtha language will be followed by Bush, and that it will not be vetoed, encourage them to tack on the Barbara Lee amendment, and my request for Aceh/Nias Biodiversity Study money to lend technical support and science to further peacebuilding, sustainable redevelopment in the wake of the Dec. 26th, 2004 Tsunami and March 28th Nias earthquake. If there is going to be a porkfilled supplemental, lets get a small piece of the pie, for peace. I entered some comments after this diary on DailyKos by groovetronica, Five years to save the orangutan from extinction (biodiesel)

Commentary elsewhere:
By Representative Dennis Kucinich on YouTube:

From David Swanson, - Did Pelosi Threaten Lee With Removal from Appropriations Committee?

From Bob Fertik, - Memo to Sirota: We Gratefully Accept Your Most Humble Apology!

Justin Raimondo, - People I’m Sick Of (Part IV): David Sirota


THE DEMOCRATS ARE FUNDING IRAQ ESCALATION: The Democratic leadership has proposed $100 billion of supplemental funding for an increased troop presence in Iraq. The leadership opted for the "slow bleed" policy over a month ago. This extends the occupation for at least another 18 months, and allows permanent placement of troops thereafter for “training” or “combating terrorism”. It also will permit the Bush Administration to initiate a war with Iran without Congressional oversight. The surge of 20,000 troops recently increased to 30,000 and will likely increase to 100,000 by year-end. Will the hapless Democrats then claim, “If only I knew then what I know now” as they have for the past year?

The “slow bleed” policy has some toothless requirements for presidential assertions of progress like those we’ve heard for the past four years from the Administration; these reporting requirements allow “slow bleed” proponents to make the preposterous claim they are “ending the war” by funding it. Amendments that would require withdrawal of US forces this year, the policy overwhelming favored by Americans, and the troops themselves, are not even being allowed for a vote by the leadership! The shameless short-term purpose of the Democratic policy is to embarrass Republicans with a Senate filibuster of the supplemental, or a presidential veto, and the longer-term aim is to help Democrats in the 2008 election by saddling the Republicans with intervention in an untenable civil war.

In 2002 the Democrats authorized Bush to invade Iraq (or any other country he deemed to support terrorism, for example Iran) in hope he would become involved in an unpopular war which would produce a Democratic White House. The Democrats 2007 policy is equally political, and may have the paradoxical effect of producing Republican victories in 2008. The prolongation of the occupation is now opposed by two-thirds of all Americans; we want our troops safely home by this Christmas, not political chicanery. As a consequence Americans now think even more poorly of Congress than ever; the failure to withdraw from Iraq dropped Democratic support of Congress from 44% to 33% according to the latest Gallup poll. The Democrats failure to stem what has become a Democrats war will be a factor in the 2008 elections.

A year ago 72% of the troops in Iraq said all troops should come home in 2006 but politicians did not heed their message. How much better we would be if our support included listening to them. Not another drop of blood should be spilled to protect cowardice by both political parties.

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It is totally unrelated, but after making this post that included the YouTube mashup of Rushmore and I (Heart) Huckabees, I watched that movie again and realized the model in that film is named "Dawn Campbell", which is kind of funny to me. I'll have to make a mashup of that movie of my own, and post it here later, to share the personal significance I have found to it, for my current existential dilemnas. Or if I become fantastically rich over night, I'll produce a musical rendition of it, with myself as Albert Markovski, and Erica as Dawn Campbell. And I'd create an "other" for the Erica's character, and it might be the "other" I've encountered for Erica Campbell, in real life...

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