Friday, March 23, 2007

Any vote for the 2007 Iraq War Emergency Supplemental Funding Measure

Any vote for the 2007 Iraq War Emergency Supplemental Funding Measure is a vote for more war... remember that. Remember that in the spring of next year, when you caucus. Remember who voted for it, and don't caucus for those incumbents who will be seeking re-election with a record of supporting this war, enabling this President, not pursuing impeachment, not providing strong moral leadership.

Remember who the previously good democrats are who are now caving to intimidation and /or greed. Call them and ask them not to cave in. Tell them that you hope they will find the strength to preserve their records of having not voted forthe initial Authorization back in October of 2002, or of not voting for previous emergency authorizations.

We should be funding a withdrawal, fully funding our veteran's benefits, finding out how and where our government has broken its trust with the wounded and disabled from this conflict before we extend it further.

We can find a way to live without controlling Iraqi oil. We will.

I really do hope that Murtha & Pelosi's war funding measure fails, and the House can start considering the only thing that is likely to end this war: impeachment.

Please call or e-mail your Representative in the U.S. House first thing this morning and ask them not fund the war through the current emergency appropriation. Ask them to vote no, and to support measures such as HR. 508, HR 1234, HR. 808, etc.

Tell them explicitly that you will remember their votes today when you caucus or vote in your primary election in 2008.


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