Friday, March 16, 2007

Contest for the ladies... objectify these moustachioed men

Okay, to be fair, I've been posting too many links to silly images of really hot girls, and helping my very busty (usually naturally busty) friends win internet popularity contests. So today I'll link to a contest that might just tickle the fancy (or something) of the ladies that read this blog. Which of these two guys is sexier?

Which of these guys make you go crazy in heat?

Hint, it is Jeff, the guy with the flexed bicep that has the "Fuck Yeah! Unicorn rainbow tattoo". Okay, the other guy is probably more attractive, but Jeff is a friend of a friend, and we should help him win.

Thanks to Doug Sakmann for pointing out one quick way I can help settle the score between the sexes and objectify my fellow human males as things of resplendent, peacock-like beauty.

I'll be dancing tonight, and I kind of look like this now: shaved Seksi, and pretty young Korean networking goddess Mee Young Cha. She's pretty, but it was her knowledge that really fall in love with her, if just for that one brief trip into the land of crazy bandwidth, futurism come alive in the present moment, eating blowfish and working and drinking way too hard. I can't believe that I actually got paid to hang out with her and the rest of that crew. Sign me up for another shift like that :) I spent my loot on a SCSI enclosure and not any "juicy girls" or watching bare-knuckle fights because I really was so taken with her. Sometime "one-itis" has a soul-saving utility.

Someday I'll have to have some sort of fundraiser to bring her to a network engineering event in the States. Anyway, tonight I am going dancing, but this week I am clean shaven. One thing at a time.

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