Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The diversity of forms in our world is significant and worth saving

"The diversity of forms in our world is significant and worth saving" attributable to something best described as composed of wisdom and memory and represented by Ganesha.

That is the boiled down version of the syrup I was just served in a dream that I didn't ever want to end.

I was being rewarded in my dream for recording in memory or on video the death of a large fly that I was trying to kill and preserve for study, but it died slowly, the manner in which it died was a key to its identification by specialists, who didn't have access to actual specimens of it themselves, but used some sort of phylogeny resource or electronic database, or holographic resource to find its defining information. The name of it eludes me, but perhaps it doesn't exist yet. It seemlessly dealt with animals and plants, and all those weird outliers that aren't exactly in the middle, either.

I was congratulated, and awarded an appellation by two or three of them, biologists that I knew and respected by face and name, but I can't pin down right now, either. Despite my outsider status, I had made a dent in the 'big three' groupings diversity for the critters they were personally concerned with, flies, bees and beetles. They were singing and rhyning, and showing me something like a quirky flash video that hovered about in the air. I had the hardest time paying attention, but the words were clever and beautiful, and about me and my mysterious accomplishment.

I can't tell if they were preparing to send me back in time, into outer space, perhaps both, perhaps they already have. And then there was this substance, this changeable dancing, significant and instructive aetherial plastic that seemed random and significant, and inclined to display dancing elephants, success and inspiration.

So if you happen to believe in them, in that sort of contact, you can call me Dr. Scientist Sorensen, imagine that I am useful as a translator in working with them, and that you should pave my way for my work in Sumatera, which will be biological and systematic in nature, regardless of impending cataclysm, it is valued.

And by coincidence I feel a little guilty about missing a meeting of Biologists Without Borders at the University of Minnesota, they understand my desire to due a project in Aceh, near Calang (but I know there is an elite girls school that wanted to do something there, and I am far more likely to meet my own Heinz eco-heiress and linguistic complement that way), never mind what I want, they want to do biology related (though probably medical in nature, they lean heavily, heavily pre-med, (as nearly all undergrad biologists do, the organismal biologists tend to call that being pulled to the dark side - less than %1 of biologists who graduate without degrees become plant systematicists), anyway they want to do something humanitarian, they can raise money through the University's 501(c)3 status, even if they are headed some place else and they don't fund or participate in my project, it might be worth helping them get to Kenya or wherever, too.

The sound track for my fabulous dream was built on Into Action. I take that as permission to take someone like Page with me, where ever I am going to be sent, and maybe reminded that video, its recording and transmission, is going to be important to the remote viewers who will do the systematic work where data is collected outside of my own area of interest or knowledge. My own acuity in observation, my intuition is a critical piece as well, so technical fetishism is not the goal or excuse.

I have always learned languages faster, or understood concepts about the autecology of fungi, because I've received practise and instruction in dreams, like William S. Burroughs did. This is the first time something exactly like this has happened, where I have been encourged to act, to report to the web, or have been rewarded for observing and recording something as I am prone to do, directly into the akashic record.

The cosmic entomology professors, the mollusk men, the dancing elephant has spoken, and I have faithfully translated. I guess my teeth get fixed and I get a new passport, visit the travel clinic and maybe the other, industry clinic, too, if I get to be indulgent in being accompanied by star talent in making the documentary. Even if an Erica or Page did not come with, having some confirmation that I am clean and free of serious disease in that respect might be a good idea, if I were going to be operating as a scientist and a humanitarian deeper into areas where foreigners have not really been, and never really stayed for more than a few hours, unless they had brought their wives, and stayed put where LIPI settled them.

Someone out there is looking for this post. Of course I hope you have found it. I am going to crawl back into my dream, if I can. When I wake up, I'll have more energy and inspiration for the next step, to spring into action.


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