Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Donnas - Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich sounding clear notes on war funding

Here is the Think Progress video clip where Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich take questions on the emergency Iraq War supplemental, the logic of withdrawal and letting in credible international peace keeping forces and paying for reparations and peacebuilding efforts, as well as the Fox News debate controversy.

Elizabeth is really pretty, and really able to communicate clearly about both peace issues and Universal Single Payer Healthcare. I still think The Donnas are probably hotter, and I wonder what they think about healthcare, if they have been sold on Universal Single Payer Healthcare yet...

Anyway, after you have watched the clip in the link above, you are allowed this treat, which I started thinking about and looking for after listening to more Skye Sweetnam, who was in the last music video I posted, with that pretty punk I danced with and took pictures of in Las Vegas. The Donnas - Take it Off:

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