Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Erica Campbell - a sponsor and an inspiration

A moment with our sponsor and inspiration: Erica Campbell
because when the political realities looks bleak, my eyes need something softer to look at

**** These thumbnails all link to bigger pics. Enjoy! ****

Erica Campbell bikini picErica Campbell bikini pic
Erica Campbell bikini picErica Campbell bikini pic

Buy a membership to her site and help fund this one, and even more pressing:

Call or e-mail your U.S. Senators now - Ask them to defund the occupation and to fully fund withdrawal, or nothing at all. Tell them vote "No!" on S. 965 without the language of Rep. Murtha, if not the Barbara Lee amendment instead. S. 965 is different than H.R. 1591! Don't let the weak house bill get watered down, in a conference committee, strengthen S.965 or vote it down!

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