Sunday, March 18, 2007

Invisible Children

Update: Invisible Children are once again creating a buzz with their Kony 2012 campaign

The term Internally Displaced Person was new to me in Aceh, and lead to some miscommunication, because I wasn't a professional humanitarian, and because various aid workers and agencies did not speak Indonesian, or explain to me in English the shorthand "IDP" the day I first heard it. The word for a displaced person or a refugee is pengungsi. The other side to the IDP problem in Indonesia is the transmigrasi, which is a program that has hopefully ended.

Africa, in many places, is worse than most places in SE Asia. Kudos to the Invisible Children film makers and creative types for being effective in an area that seems hopeless to most outsiders.

I have to stick with what I know. A 'Narrow Corner' that encompasses America, Sumatra, the internet, and sexiness.

I was momentarily in love with one of the East Coast Invisible Children team, drinking and dancing one night with her and a friend, who mistook me for Jesus, in Washington, D.C.

I really hope that you folks aren't evangelicals, or faith-based hucksters, but you have charm and charisma and organization like the best and worst of the neo-colonial missionaries.



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