Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lobby your Representative and Senators during Easter Recess

The Out of Iraq Bloger's Caucus has grown again. Welcome Blue Girl, Red State!

Be sure to use the opportunity provided by the Congressional Easter Recess to lobby against war with Iran, for H.R. 808 - A cabinet-level Department of Peace, and perhaps most importantly a very different Emergency Iraq War Supplemental in the event of a veto by the President.

I think we can get the Barbara Lee amendment in any future bill that will come out of the house, and strong language prohibiting the use of funds from the Iraq war supplemental in any operations against Iran, without a congressional authorization or declaration of war.

I think we can strip a lot of military pork out of what we saw passed in H.R. 1591.

I think that we can garner a lot more support for our position - that we cannot fund an illegal and immoral war under the guise of anti-war legislation - from members of the DailyKos community, from MoveOn and maybe even from leaders in that community like Sirota and Kos, that took a different position on the last bill.

Imagine ending the occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home on an accelerated schedule, and work towards it during the Easter recess.

Here in Minnesota I know there will be at least one meeting on this topic this coming weekend, proposed by Charley Underwood, whose support of Rep. Keith Ellison's campaign was notable and even awarded honors by that Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party unit (Congressional District 5), and who publishes what has become the authoritative peace events e-mail calendar for the metro area. I will try to make that. I am also open to scheduling a meeting to meet with Rep. Jim Oberstar up in Duluth, if there is a critical mass of other constituents from MN-08 that want to do that together. E-mail me if you want to do that: impeccable liberal credentials (at) gmail (dot) com (remove spaces)

Hopefully similar events are being put together in every district where progressive, anti-war Dems were surprised to see members of the Progressive Caucus deviate from the obvious plan of defunding the Iraq War and occupation. Hopefully we see the obvious need to explain our position anddramatically grow the base of support for our position, face to face conversations are the best way to do that, and reaching out to neighbors, to friends, and people you meet on the street is the best way to do that. Encourage more people to find their voice and their power, and to make that first phone call, e-mail or visit to their Representative or Senators offices.

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