Monday, March 05, 2007

Making politics sexy again - cast 2 votes in this next 24 hours

Okay, this is a little random, or synchronicity, depending on how you hold that the universe is put together, but it gets me hot and leads me to believe I am somehow on the right track. I am going to ask you to cast two quick votes (or only one, I guess, if you are not in Saint Paul, Minnesota on 3/6 at 7PM):

First, the non-binding election for a very weighty race, the Presidency of the United States:

For Saint Paul residents who attend the DFL precinct caucuses tomorrow at 7pm, there is a non-binding straw poll, and the absolutely binding business of electing delegates to Ward-level conventions who will convey the Party's endorsement to City Council candidates, and passing resolutions. None of the candidates in the race for President at this point are drop dead gorgeous busty models in their mid-20's (constitutional barrier to that, for better or worse). Two of the candidates are, however, my friends on MySpace, and you should vote for one of those two, depending on your commitment to syncronicity, the Universe, and my mission of making peace and politics sexy again. I say if you believe syncronicity, you must vote for Dennis Kucinich. If you believe tall, dark and handsome is sexier than passion, courageous conviction, and elven transdimensionality, vote for Bill Richardson. If you believe in random chance, flip a coin between the two of 'em. They are the credible peace candidates, if you judge me an expert parataxonomist for that clade of critter.

The binding, superficial contest in which my new MySpace busty internet model friend squares off against random, equally hot women:

Only one of the girls in the Maxim's 2007 Hometown Hotties contest has had the good sense to friend me and engage my electioneering expertise, my Myspace model friend JBuNNy. She is listed on their site as "Jessica" from "Chesterfield, NJ" in Week 2.

The synchronicity piece in all of this is the text you will find on the lower right hand of that page is the following text: Making Politics Sexy Again.® (Copyright 2004, Dennis Kucinich)
[Maxim Online]

Go vote for the future that really gets you hot: a peaceful, sustainable, and really fucking sexy world or whatever you are told to expect from the soul-robbing establishment of big money corporatism and flat-chested, anorexic blond bimbo-bots.

I'll take the visionary, peaceful male leader and the ambitious, large-breasted hometown hottie over perpetual war and proven (limited, declining, owned, roadworn and had) commercial successes on any day...

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