Thursday, March 01, 2007

My GMail account is down...

I am sorry if I have been out of touch today, my GMail account is down, so if I owe you an e-mail today or you've sent something to me, I can't respond until this gets fixed...

Plenty of other people are having the same problem:

Gmail Help discussion Gmail not working for a lot of users

It has been a bad month for Google. First I notice stale results in Webmaster tools, then the blogger bug with the noindex, nofollow tag - which they apparently don't publically admit to or respond to complaints about, now this Gmail outage on my most critical account...

Anyway, I'll be at Drinking Liberally tonight, at least for awhile (early, then possibly later)

Update: I know have access again to my Gmail, but I understand that any new messages sent since Google went down last night have been delayed (if not lost).

There were other references to this outage, the most popular one seems to have been this one: Large Scale Gmail Outage Happening Right Now.

Here is one of the funnier blog posts about the outage I found on technorati (where gmail became an unusually popular search and tag): Brooklyn Skeptic: Gmail, I'm putting myself on suicide watch.

I wonder if Google will release stats on the number of users effected, the internet trend watcher/sociologist in me is very curious...

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