Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Newest sports scores, stock quotes, and other spectacles like the Heather Mills McCartney backflip

For a while, at least until this war is ended and the next one is averted, agressively seeking and consuming information like this needs to replace your habitual rituals of following sports scores, stock quotes, and televised spectacles like the Heather Mills McCartney backflip on "Dancing With The Stars":

Thomas: Daily Issues of the Congressional Record

I apologize for missing the fact that it was H.R. 1591 in front of the Senate, not the Senate version, S. 695, but you can catch things like that and correct me by e-mail, and I'll become your friend and find a way to return the favor, if you'd like. Part of the problem is the Congressional Record takes some time, as much as 24 hours or more, to publish what has transpired the previous day, and the setting of the schedule. C-SPAN's coverage is not complete, and I have it on in the background, but I can't catch everything, yet. I also don't want to be responsible for catching all ofthat for everyone else, unl;ess it comes with a salary, dental plan and gym membership :P

My email is: impeccableliberalcredentials [at] gmail (dot) com You can use it whenever you think I might benefit from hearing about what is coming down the pipe next.

You can also join my Google Group: Peace, Love and Erica Campbell and use that to collaborate, coordinate, and conspire with me and hopefully others to make more of this blogging phenomenon, develop influence with and understanding of the federal legislatures, and end this war. I am going to use it as one venue to teach what I do know about organizing, about blogging and search engine marketting, and maybe how to make the odd dollar as a principled pornographer, if that is still possible.


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