Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out Of Iraq Bloggers increase yet again

A blogger writing under the name supergirlest, on a blog called "my thinking spot" is the newest addition to the Out of Iraq Blogger Caucus.

Socratic Gadfly, Jelly Pizza, The Mandarin, Hill Country Gal are other recent additions.

Linking to this blog (Peace, Love and Erica Campbell) is optional, not required to be on the blogroll, but I am happy to link to and send some traffic to any blogger that shares the commitments posted here: Out of Iraq Blogger's Caucus reciprocal blogroll information

I am headed to this event in a couple of hours, and I will report back. It was triggered by disappointment in Rep. Keith Ellison's vote for the Iraq War funding supplemental, which broke a campaign pledge and defied all expectations of most of the volunteers and organizers who I knew that devoted themselves single-mindedly to Keith's election this last summer and fall.

From: Charles Underwood <peacecalendar (at)>

Last Friday, the all five Democratic Congressional representatives
voted in favor of the supplemental budget to continue funding the
occupation of Iraq. Realizing that our progressive friends may have
some strong feelings this, the DFL Progressive Caucus invites you to
share your reactions, whatever they are, at:

An Open Community Dialog: Are we on a path to end the occupation?
Saturday, March 31 1-3 PM
Martin Luther King Recreation Center
4055 Nicollet Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Does the Democratic strategy make sense? Or is this a
"moral, political and strategic blunder"?

Come and join the discussion as we examine these and
other questions.

Keith was a rockstar, almost a prophet, to many of them. Dreams get shattered. One hopes he will still be useful in Congress to the rest of his constituents, that Speaker Pelosi is going to owe him some big favors, and she can help him get Ethiopean troops out of Somalia, or something. There is a large Somali community in Minneapolis, as well as a large number of Ethiopeans, and other East African ethnicities here. There is a lot that could be made better with in Keith's own district, too, with the application of nonviolence as an organizing principle. Keith was one ofthe initial sponsors of HR 808, the bill to create a a cabinet level Department of Peace, in its introduction in the House this session, maybe he could placate some of these wounded supporters by cashing in his Iraq War funding chips to get that passed, and even signed into law. He's been working with Karen Hughes and the State Department, so presumably he has access to the President, if he wants it. He should be able to get something big like that done, for having sold his soul. He should at least be able to persuade Sen. Klobuchar to be the sponsot to introduce it into the Senate. Honestly, who knows what his priorities are now...

I think our greatest hope lies in a veto of the Iraq War Supplemental, yet the fact that there is funding for the war in the regular budget through 2009 is a problem. Hopefully all of my readers can commit to making a real effort to lobby their U.S. Senators and House Representative during the Easter recess, and encourage them not to reauthor another Iraq War Supplemental in the event of a veto, unless it includes fully funding a withdrawal only (in regards to the occupation of Iraq), and provides all of the badly needed benefits for the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

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