Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rep. Obey melts down on idiot liberals and a mother of Iraq War vet

Impeachment is the only thing that will end the war, because Bush and Cheney, and Negroponte and all of their Iran-Contra cronies, know how to run around congressional prohibitions on funding illegal wars, and secure funding from foreign governments, like the Saudis, or last time around several others, too, including the Sultan of Brunei.

(The MREs from Brunei rock, and they are actually made here in the States.)

Making the war illegal won't work. Defunding it won't work. Impeaching Bush and Cheney has a pretty good chance of actually ending the war. A general strike might help end the war. Supporting Hillary Clinton in '08 sure as hell will not end the war... she is going to be all about ensuring a return on those new Production Sharing Agreements in Iraq (and maybe Iran) for her corporate backers, Dow Corning at least, if not also Fox News and Exxon Mobil.

It is no longer a partisan issue. It is about the failure of government, or possibly a semi-heroic story of government finally regaining its moral authority and legitimacy, and punishing the criminal wrong doings of Bush and Cheney. I suggest that it could even become a great Christian campaign, along the lines of the global climate crisis now being addressed from the pulpit and church news letters:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Impeachment, now, seems to be the best way this can end, with a non-violent transistion of power and reassertion of law and order that actually applies equally to all classes of American, to elected leaders and civil servants, as well as private citizens.

Bush and Cheney really don't care if Congress or the U.N. view their war as legal, or how it is funded. Like the leaders of drug gangs, I imagine they will still try to call the shots in Middle Eastern struggles for oil from their jail cells. At least then they won't be doing it out of the the American people's own White House...

Representative Obey has every reason to be frustrated with the situation he is in, and the limits of his own, deep experience in legislating, applied to this conflict. Reprocessing it as if it were a fully overt engagement like Viet Nam, but it is Afghanistan and Nicaragua again for Negroponte and Ollie North, Adm John Poindexter and Eliot Abrams. Only this time, they are "In it to win it" with ample support of the DLC elite, the oilygarchy of the Democratic Party.

Mistaking today's war opponents for 60's and 70's era hippies is stupid, and provides cover for the criminality of (as well as amplifies the messages of) the White House. Obey should apologize. If he has failed to do outreach to his own constituents to explain his strategy for the supplemental, and to ask for support for it, lashing out at some illusory mix of leftist activist groups does nothing to make up for that failure, and makes him look unprofessional and more incompetent. The anti-war left, like the anti-war right, is made up of individuals who have unique stories that explain their often different positions and different strategies for ending this. It is a distributed, diffuse, anti-authoritarian impulse, and you can find someone responding to it on every small town in America, on every busy street corner.

Thankfully there a few good Republicans in D.C., like Rep. Ron Paul, like Sen. Chuck Hagel, and they are making signals that a non-partisan, completely American, grassroots driven solution of impeachment is possible, outside of the Rupert Murdoch-fueled media spin zones and Washington D.C.'s unreality bubble.


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