Monday, March 05, 2007

Saint Paul - caucuses and an event w/ Joe Conason

Caucus night is tomorrow night! Here are official DFL details: St Paul DFL. There will be a presidential straw poll (reminder Kucinich is the only one who voted against the Iraq War, and for taller candidates, I think Richardson is the only (taller candidate, if that is your most critical criteria vs. experience, or you are opposed for other reasons to Kucinich) who has been credibly active in international peace efforts in Darfur, nuclear non-proliferation talks with North Korea, as an individual and previously as the Ambassador to the U.N.). The straw poll really doesn't matter that much but endorsing City Council candidates and passing resolutions does.

ITMFA!. Saint Paul, this is your chance, but you must caucus, and you must spontaneously pass some sort of resolution encouraging the City Council and the Mayor to become advocates on your behalf to cause the Minnesota State legislature to submit articles of impeachment as other states have begun to do.

I am somewhat embarrassed for Minnesota, supposedly this cutting edge populist/progressive state which has now been eclipsed in the impeachment race by New Mexico, Washington State, Vermont and New Jersey. More details of what has happened already can be found on

Unless somebody has already organized this and gives you a good-looking, ready to submit resolution on impeachment when you walk in to you caucus location, you will need to take the initiative, grab a blabk form, and write out by your own hand something simple like:

Be it resolved - that the City of Saint Paul should support efforts to impeach the President of the United States (George W. Bush) and Vice President (Richard "Dick" Cheney).

Bush and Cheney must be impeached for their popularly known crimes, impeachable offenses and illegal acts (including but not limited to: lying to Congress and the American people in making their case for war in Iraq, illegal domestic surveillance, assertion of extra constitutional power through executive orders and signing statements, and failing to respond to legal queries from the federal legislative and judicial branches).

The means of support for impeachment to be taken by the City of Saint Paul shall be a resolution of the City Council that urges Minnesota State legislators to create, pass and forward to the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives articles of impeachment. The City Council members and Mayor should also take initiative to lobby the Minnesota legislature to take action on this measure quickly. The Mayor and City Council shall also take actions to support any other measure submitted by any other state's legislature to the U.S. House Judiciary committee as lobbyists on behalf of the people of Saint Paul and their Wards.

You can personalize it and perfect my language, just be prepared to rewrite this by hand in clearly readable text onto an official form from the Call. Here is a resource for more ideas:

Some of you have done similar things before, but if you haven't this is your chance to practise caucusing and resolutions, to become familiar with your party's processes, and maybe get yourself elected to some role as a party functionary. You should really do that if you feel strongly about the City of Saint Paul, your responsibility to be an engaged citizen, about being an advocate for your friends and neighbors in local government. This is a good way to get to know people who are already active in civic life, if you haven't been, but don't cede any of your rights and responsibilities to anyone who appears to be doing the wrong things but claims right due to experience and wisdom. Caucusing in Saint Paul is not the hellish experience people sometimes face in other parts of the state, where diversity of opinion is not appreciated. In Saint Paul it is, thankfully, embraced. I lived in Saint Paul through high school and many years afterwards, and then in some adjacent communities that share some of the same DFL party units (Falcon Heights, Roseville).

I still love Saint Paul.

Earlier in the day tomorrow, and obviously less important but still significant, author and commentator Joe Conason will be appearing in Saint Paul, at noon.

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