Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Something about attachment and pain

Something useful about overcoming, working through or around romantic attachment and pain can be cleaned from where these to YouTube clips fit together:

Esther Hicks - part 1
Esther Hicks - part 2

I am not touching any of the economic implications, in here, but I'll admit that I would not have encountered this or tried to propagate this information if it hadn't been introduced to me by a busty, pretty young art student who professed an interest in nude photography.

I am an obvious mark, my interest in Peace, Love, and the doppelgangers of Erica Campbell, Keeley Hazell, etc. is telegraphed in n-dimensions. I have to admit that my attention is drifting towards, and I am prepared to admit that I like, the girls who seem to like me back more and more, especially the ones with the strong internet games like Raven Riley and Lia19 (whose name is such a perfect internet name, easy to promote and measure like the "unique nonsense names" mentioned in my post about viral marketing, except it is not nonsense, but obviously meaningful in an internet seduction sort of way, like "telekom-seksi", I hope.) And I like Page Morgan for the way she dances and the energy she exudes, though I can't say the blood & guts side of goth is a sexy aesthetic for me. Rubber, I can handle if we are working the social justice angle, and not reacting to the bloody beatings, murders and torture with rubber hoses in the Iraqi Interior Ministry. I wish I could be at Page's DVD release party, part of her scene in LA:

Where you witness some beauty
sit & be a mirror;
where you see ugliness
slip the looking glass back in its bag.
Wander happily about the streets
mingling with the young &
reciting, “Nay, I swear
by this city Porn Valley...

[Rumi - Proper Vocation]

I wish I could get lawyered up, sign contracts and get all USC 2257 documents in order to do something with her pics and www.PageMorgan.org

Anyway, on the wall above the keyboard and monitor where I crank out this madness, this internet sorcery, all day and all night now looks like this: Checks Ease Pretty Forestry Sumatra, something even Stuart Smalley might affirm.


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