Sunday, March 18, 2007

Via Norwegianity - J.R. Bob Dobbs

Norwegianity has a fabulously high noise to signal ratio, but today he's got a useful post, which contained this link. I'm embedding it here, so you don't have to wade through his narrative of excretory experiences and barely-filtered, barely-reframed, nearly random regurgitations of media he has consumed. I bet my last fifty cents that the vast majority of you would rather hear about my throbbing cock than the Wege's trips to the restroom.

But there was this gem:

Mark (Norwegianity) is a master of slack. I also "surf the luck plane". I guess, to borrow the definitions of Lakoff, whose work is important, I am inclined to "surf the luck plane" using strict methods while pursuing nurturant goals.

There is something to this, and other odd slices metaphysics revealed in currently popular gurus and products, like The Secret, yet there is something suspicious, greedy, corporatist to it.

I'll take Charles Fourier's Passionate Attraction over some kind of milquetoast, advertising-inspired "law of attraction" to McMansions and ridiculous, if improbably successful entrepreneurial adventures.

It is maybe more confusing metaphysical bullshit, but it might also be a useful filter to figure out one should do with "the secret" if it works for you. Consider that there might be a conflict, or better, a polarity, between impulses to be greedy, and self-surving, and self-sacrificing, or an impulse to be of service to your fellow humans. I think it has been described well by Laura Knight-Jadczyk in a variety of places. There is a lot to be skeptical of in her writings, too. Learn how to be skeptical, and maintain an open mind.

Anyway, I have said as much about the popularity of metaphysical notions and occult traditions in another post: Quickly, find your heart, and don't be distracted.

Throbbing Cock (link from above)

Hopefully it will happen again. The other night, I totally got lost in a girl on the dance floor, she left me with a mouthful of her hair, and a welcome and surprising sensation. It was very nearly an embarassing Ron Burgandy kind of moment. The kind of experience that makes me want to stay human. I don't think anyone noticed that, but I think many were awed by our magic, our connection, in that moment. Though it did feel a little awkward.

I love all of the girls that are brave enough to dance with me.

Even though it presents fewer obvious opportunities to have over the top, lust-filled energy exchanges, I am trending more towards running for Senate vs. starting a space cult. We need a vital, throbbing American civic life to at least match the pulsing, musk-scented and sweetly-singing siren song of the neo-con, internationalist marketspace.

Don't trust, me. I'll likely fail you. William S. Burroughs once observed about me that I lack intent. Maybe I am finding it, I dunno. But the idea of "CONTROL" and the idea of "SELLING THE WORLD" are interesting, aren't they? A great excuse to tell wild stories, to make confounding videos, and beautiful music:


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